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The smell of baby sleep a little strategy

Most babies sleep problems that infants continued to sleep at night should reach 5 hours, less than five hours, the quality of his sleep will be affected. But let the baby to the sense of sleep seems to really not so easy.

Zhumian strategy 1: grasp the baby sleepy signals in a timely manner to coax the baby to sleep

When we feel sleepy, who also do not want to Jiangdajingshen barely support the struggle with Sleepy. Once the baby is issue sleepy signals, such as becoming quiet, lost interest in the surrounding crowd and toys, it should be immediately to the baby on the small bed, let her go to sleep. Once the baby is too sleepy point will be difficult to control, affect the normal sleep

Zhumian strategy 2: Before going to bed by some fixed procedures to hint to the baby

Even a very small baby through a fixed program to develop a good habit to sleep on time. For example, the night before the baby goes to bed, baby in big bathtub full reality site with warm water to give him a bath, so that both can fully relax, but also can promote better sleep.

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Zhumian small strategy: before bedtime a magical touch to the baby

University of Miami study showed that, if every day to give him a massage for 15 minutes in front of the baby to sleep, after a month's time, the baby's sleep can be effectively improved.

Zhumian strategy 4: Manufacturing which are conducive to the sound of the baby sleep

The soft melody of a lullaby, from the Mummy's heartbeat sound, the sound of water gently flows can all be baby emotionally stable down sound material.

Zhumian small strategy: an alternative to the baby, "Mommy"

Mummy soft, clean T-shirt on the baby's small bed, the Mummy familiar taste will make baby feel secure enough to sleep alone.<a href="" >Silver Maintenance</a>

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<a href="" >Cheap Tiffany</a>Anti-vice pioneer, born with yellow skin can also be White

Color yellow, dull, is always a rival in the whitening on the road. How to make a yellow complexion look healthy and shiny? Professional-grade teacher to help you solve the problem.

Color born yellow how should I do?

The teacher's recommendation is to make good use of inside and outside maintenance way to make the skin showing a healthy and shiny. Once lifestyle is not normal, habitual intake of too many thrillers, or by UV damage, skin color will be yellow unhealthy! Weekdays can choose to use efficacy to yellow skin care products with simple massage techniques to brighten complexion.

Visible, the cultivation of good color, or with in tune a lot. This is why a lot of work and rest time is not the law of MM using astronomical cream, skin or are not fundamentally improved.

DIY brighten the complexion mask

Of course, in addition to in tune, and maintenance is also very important. <a href="" >Tiffany Earrings</a>

Now taught to give us a mention bright color, DIY facial mask recipe:

Material: rose petals (fresh or dry can be), yogurt, honey

Production methods:

The 1,7-10 petals volume with, cut into small pieces.

Petals put on paper towels, few drops of water, paper towels to wrap the petal fold.

3, with a rolling pin, Gently press the paper towel until slightly moist.

4 petals, chopped, crushed on the container, mixing 4 tablespoons of yogurt, a tablespoon of honey, Brightening Mask do a good job!

Usage: After cleansing, Brightening Mask evenly deposited on the face after 10 minutes, gently massage, wash with warm water.

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