The New Me


I have my cold,not funny but  soon im better i hope ..


Have a great weekend   ... :)

My Mothers Birthdaycake 19/3-09

Yummy or what   

MelodiFestivalen Ikväll!

Vem  hejar ni på? vem tror ni  vinner  ??!   :)    Ha   Fin Lördag   

~~Yumindi ~~Model ~¨ Collection~~¨




Which one is  your favourite    and points 1-10 ?    Model collection  for beach  and wear it  2009   !


- Which  commuities do you like? or Community?   Give me some suggestions  on them..♥

Dont touch ..

Lovely pink  mouse :)    I just love this  i want this :)    give me your opinion  on this  ?   good or  trash? 


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♥Hello Kitty♥..

Do you like: 

♥Hello Kitty ?

♥Tila  Tequila? if so favourite songs with her ?
♥mobiles? your favourites?
♥body painting?
♥which music / band?
♥like this pics ?
Blondes /brunettes?


Ask me ?!

what u wanna know about me  ,feel free to ask me what  is on your mind  about me what i like about my life my favourtie thigns  favourite music and  so on :)  

  Have great weekend   



do you like  you tube ?
♥myspace or facebook? 
♥Do you like Tila Tequila?
♥which is your favourite actor7actress?
♥favourite  movies/ series?

♥music is ?
♥favourite colour is ?
♥you prefer   love or to be single? 

♥ Happy mojito
Weekend  ♥ !!

♥Isnt she or he ?♥

so  cute !!!!   ♥

Discribe ..

Yourself with one word ? and one word you also think other would discribe you with?  friends of strangers ? 

 and dont forget    Smile   :)  
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