So what r your plans for  this weekend?

Trick or Treat ?

* Dress up?
*Party time?
* Family time ?
*Being with friends?


1. ill do celebrate
1.b  ill do not celebrate this holiday
1.c just dont care

Tell me about your holiday :)


Century Novel -The story a girl in the wrong century ( Just telling about her)

A girl that wanted to be a star,then what kind of star u may ask ? Movie,Theatre,sing to the people ?
A girl that can speak her mind,not afraid of that,someone who care is all she  asks  for
This is a novel about a girl that wants to be somethin she allready is in her own kinda ways..

Part 1 in a little while- story in a little while

Detta va inledning , mer senare :) more later

The  Girl u Wish u knew about ...

A century ago !

:) Seems like yesterday isnt  it ? im pretty old right now :) but cool isnt it ? ..

Happy Wkeend !!

Get Style -Now !!


LOL ska vara runt år 1952-56  nått sånt  om jag inte minns  fel :) man ser ju lite annorlunda ut idag dock:) blir yngre och yngre :)
its about year  1952  lol im very old,dont feel that  old  though

NU på svenska

Träning nu består av ( taget tips  ur tidning ,av nån som håller på med professionel träning(mkt e egen komponerat med ) träningsvideo
*dans steg
*gå på stället
*nått som kallas för stjärnan
*enbensböjning med framåtfällning
*situps ps börjat med armhävningar med ( klara nåra idag lol)

cirka allt mellan 30-60 min

:)  Good Luck 

and dont ever forget that

So far So great now..

Today  To do list

*cleanign my apartment- check
*listening to music-check
*other stuff  to do

Happy Weekend  

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