making faces yes ..

Baby Pictures - These Are Not the Droids You Are Looking For
see more Tots and Giggles

funny funny and just funny

Baby Pictures - The Baby Who Lived!
see more Tots and Giggles

Blonde Blonde ,the bed pics part 2

more later or another day happy weekend peeps !!    

Blondie Again..

grossed out or what ?

I Won :)

Blondie= Blonde

No Motivation...

smart or not ,huh??!!! Einstein had a problem..

Einstein had a problem not to easy to solve
picture i did remake :)
my einstein pic:)  funny or what .. ?

pics,funny or not u decide ?!!

Random pics and more pics i have been made :) .....

Do you know her ? huh ??:)

More Pics Blondie :)

New Blonde Pics-2010

:) yey!  im happy happy for the result :)

Fun candy and taste great !

I love this candy:)
(chocolate bananas)
( kit kat )
( fun fun )
which chocolate do you love ? fav dancy :)?  have a great week peeps !!

Cartoon Maker -tip how to make it lol:)

My Pizza Hut sign :)

(true-who wants  cold pizza ? ) LOL

Not my hair look :)

but pretty good  result though:) next step for me maybe :)

Hade fin fredag.hade a great friday!!

movies,food,shopping and a few things to do in the city
fin fredag det med film,god mat,ärenden,varit på af ,lite andra ställen,handlat mm :):) fin fin dag  ,danke danke :):)
happy happy ! :)

Dont worry-Its not my new look ! LOL

( my new haircolour..... just kidding :)   *asg*   LOL
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