Saturday On My Mind..

I had a relaxin day,did eat a great dinner, guess what ? lol, i did eat taco or tacos then :)  yummy  isnt it ? then not doin much today,did get a new computer mouse when my old mouse  needed  alot of battery and i cant afford buying  new  once all the time,so  now i have a grey/black mouse that i adore :) .

Yesterday i did get a magazine and candy for the weekend yummy and yummy :)  i didnt eat much candy in the week so because i do workout :)  so many gifts in 2 days  ,great for me :) LOL

So what  are your plans for today then? .. did get gifts like i did =)?

yummy or what ?


Question For The day..

Have u  start your christmas shopping yet ? what do u wish for ?


A pair of these maybe :) ?

give me some suggestion on christmas gifts/presents if u wanna :)

Have a  Happy  Week 

My Everyday Plans

*workout and more workout and  relaxin after that , i need to change my haircolour this weekend or in next week

* looking for work

And Much More


Opinion Thumbs...

Thumbs up or down?

Thumbs up or down for the cupcake ?

party all weekend? thumbs up or down?

12 make up pics,which u like the most ? and thumbs up or down?

More another day  have

Happy Weekend!

paint your toe nails ??

Tell me your opinion
Thumbs  up

Thumbs  down

The Way ..

The way u look at me is the way u make me remember why we  r together today, the look that make me always always want to be there in your arms.

When u look in my eyes u feel the love for real,but when i starr in to your eyes i see that im the Crush and nothing else..

The way u made me feel is the way i will always remember u off..

Dads Day!

Celebrate your Dads  Today !

what did u gave him? cake , which gifts ?  im just so courious :)

Yummy!  have a great  fathers/ dads day  ! =)

Tip of the day?( Date or ?)

I have a few tip for u out there :) when u meet someone, dont do that alone, people want u to trust them but u know  u need a backup plan  if  somethings happens, everyone says  u can trust them( maybe or maybe u cant)

* dinner or buy your date a coffee :)

* dont go alone

* just be yourself

* if the jokes arent  funny dont try to laugh to hard ( LOL)

* dont let  your date meet  your family to fast,its better to get to know your date more  properly first, dont u agree ?

*want  more then a few days to txt someone,the person will txt you if he/ she wants that  ?


how fast after your first date u txt/ call your date?
more tip  tommorow :)

Be happy and 

Question For Today..

How often do you  workout ?



so tell me about your  weekend? Did u trick or treat ? I did  watch movies and eat good food in swedish smörgåstårta  its just  sandwhiches  but like a cake  with vegetables..

have a great  sunday!

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